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Camelot Treasure Ragdolls | by Astrid Elkin (since 1998)


Hello and thanks for passing by!

In 2013 Uddi passed away and not having cats around felt very strange! Then and there I decided to reopen the cattery and my search for old lines and cats that might have some of my lines began.

I no time a good bunch of raggies moved in. three from the US, one from Italy, and three from Sweden. And soon arrived the first two litters  in the house. This time the general purpose is for health, type, temperament, extreme blue eyes as well as size.

My cat have never in the past been cage and never will. Our kittens are raised under foot. Until they are weened they do have a nursery room upstairs just beside my bedroom.


Pocahontas Lancelot (my 2nd Lancelot)

Pochahontas Lancelot

Lancelot lives with Lissen (my mom). They adore each other and do everything together!

He is a loving, sweet big lazy boy. Loves to sleep and cuddle and quite choosy about his food of which he eat 's a good deal of. He is kind, also with he fellows.


Cinnamon & fawn

Dollneveau Qaizar

MEET QAIZAR -  RAG p 04 21

He is a sweet, loving, funny, wildish texan with the rarest color.
Qaizar is a Fawn mitted lynx ragdoll boy! he is already huge. At 7 months of age already 5,5 kilos
FAWN is the dilution of cinnamon


Qaizar’s Gallery

fawn-lynx-male-1 cinn-male-3 webmail-roundcube-2-unoeuro-com_ webmail-roundcube-1-unoeuro-com_ cinn-male-1

Cinnamon Genetics (b’)

Black is the dominant form of this gene, cinnamon recessive and chocolate behaves as recessive to black and dominate to cinnamon.

We all have two copies of each gene - one from mom and one from dad. So what this means is that if our kitty gets the dominate black form of the gene from one parent, then regardless of what came from the other parent the cat will be black (BB, Bb, or Bb').

With no black gene but with one or two copies of the chocolate gene the cat will be chocolate (bb or bb').

The only way to see the cinnamon color is for the cat to have two copies of the recessive cinnamon gene (b'b').

text above, curtsy of Maxine Stilles

The History

Over one decade and a half ago I got my first Ragdoll because I wanted a cat that was social, affectionate and did not crawl under the sofa when guest came in through the front door.

I started my internet research and came across this bread. I was mesmerised by the the beauty of these cats and there sweetest look. So there and then I decided i must have one.

Then my quest to find one started. There were no ragdoll kittens in Denmark to be found... After further research I became aquainted to a Swedish breeder and waited for my kitten to be born... quite a long time.

Next thing a trip to Trollhättan to pick up Krickelins Sir Lancelot at Christina Landins home. I had actually only seen his pictures and never seen a live live ragdoll before, so when we finally met, unconditional love to this breed was declared.

Subsequently came Gwenny... Lancelot had to have a friend and of course there were kittens, very nice kittens.

Sir Percival á Camelot Treasure of the first litter was sent to Argentina. He turned out to be a FAMOUS ragdoll both in TICA and Fife and had a fantastic show carrier as well as producing som very nice kittens until the end of his days at 13 years of age.

Krickelins Sir Lancelot


My first ever raggie!


Sir Percival á Camelot Treasure

SIr Percival a Camelot Treasure

Owner: Beatriz Albuquerque, Blue Regard Blue

The Reds

Next infatuation were "the flames" ... the red and creams in which i became very interested. In those days these cats were recently  recognised SBT status in TICA but not Fife, where I registered my cats. After many mails and convincing Eileen Pickett agreed to let me acquire a red mitted boy Villaroyal King Uther and cream bicolour girl Villaroyal Lady Niniane. These were the first reds in Denmark. Then a huge lilac cream girl came along, Lonerock Lady Igrain, and matted with Uddi - the first cream mitted  girl went to Sweden, Nobility Rose á Camelot Treasure Mum and Uddi Arround 2003 i gave breeding a paused and keep all the original cats until they passed of age. The last one was Uddi (King Uther)  in september of 2013. This left a great vacuum.