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Ladies | Camelot Treasure Ragdolls


I am very happy to introduce to you to the ladies who are in my breeding program. Alle these cats are part of the familly, they run arround free in the house and share with us everyday life. They do have a nursery room when required.

Escada di Villa Segreta


RAG n 03 (BbDd) -  dob: 03.04.2014
True bicolor - chocolate carrier


HCM & PKD : negative from parents DNA


Emma is in love with Lissen (my mother).

She is really pretty has a very soft coat and stunning blue eyes. Her trait is a lot og character, playfull and very fond of kittens. So I guess she will be really good mom in due time.

Emma is born in Italy. Her breeder is called Greta Gasparini with whom i met at Milano airport and we got on from the very start.

Emma’s gallery

escada1 esc img_2874 img_2663 escada-copy escada escada2

About Celeste

Celeste comes from Trollhattan, Sweden. She comes from the best cattery I know of and where i got my first ever Raggie, Krickelins Sir Lancelot back in 1998. She is extremely sweet, tender and has a lovely deep purr and the tiny crisp voice. Can't help admiring her beauty.

Celeste’s gallery

fanny-webb-8v-069 10178410_10152045510003388_442470668_n fanny1-10v 10264715_10152045509998388_1082622080_n 10259646_10152045510008388_861630333_n fanny1-8v-098 10169155_10152045510013388_2035895701_n fanny2-10v fanny4-8v-070 fanny-webb-10v fanny3-8v-065 10437112_10152154418128388_1447397747_n fanny2-8v-061 fanny5-8v-076 10461906_10152154418123388_1379974331_n

Krickelins Fanny


Blue bicolour (High mitted) RAG a 03
dob: 18.02.2014




Camelot Treasure Immani


Chocolate tortie bicolor  -  RAG h 03

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